Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA)

COVA, an online public charter school, has been our school since 2004. As a traditional brick and mortar schooling family for 7 years, this family took a different turn in education in 2004; a turn in the best interest of my three children, all with different learning needs and styles.My oldest son began his education in a public year round brick and mortar elementary school about 10 miles from home. We ended up there totally by choice. When my son was nearing the age of 5, I just started checking out our neighborhood elementary school, a good school, just not a good fit for my son. Gosh, what was I thinking? Here it was 3 or 4 months before the school year would begin and I was just now looking into a good school for my son. I just assumed that our neighborhood school would be the perfect fit, and was I ever wrong! I remember frantically searching for just the right school, talking to friends with school age children, compiling a list of questions, and visiting many different schools. Every school that I found to be suitable had this response… “If you don’t live in the district, you will be put on a waiting list”. My son tested for a magnet school and was put on a waiting list for that same reason, we didn’t live in-district, and he was number 1 on that waiting list but an opening never became available. May…June…July, and then finally I found a school that was warm and safe and had everything I was looking for academically.

We ended up moving to a more expensive, smaller home just so we could be ‘in-district’, and not have to reapply every year for admission, and now we were only 2 miles from school. This elementary school is where my oldest son graduated 5th grade and then went on to a brick and mortar middle school, my younger son was enrolled from K-3, and my youngest, my daughter, was enrolled for 9 weeks of kindergarten. It was during her 9 weeks of school that I realized this was not going to work and a small bit was because of her separation anxiety which I knew she would overcome, but mostly because of the boredom she experienced in the academics being taught.

I remember a mom from my son’s baseball team talking extensively about K12 and Colorado Virtual Academy. Since my daughter was in a year round school, I took advantage of her 3 week track off from school; I researched K12 and COVA and attended a COVA parent info session with my daughter. During this info session my daughter and I delved into this fabulous core knowledge curriculum, listened to a power point explaining this unique model of education, and asked many questions; we were both hooked!

That school year I learned so much about the educational opportunities and benefits that COVA offers that the following school year I enrolled both of my boys in COVA.

Six years later, I am happy to say that all three of my children are thriving in COVA. They are learning with an individualized learning plan through a rich core knowledge curriculum that makes learning come alive. We have Colorado certified teachers that are highly qualified, a professional and experienced administration team, all of the accountability you would find in a brick and mortar school, if not more, and lots of social opportunities. I want the best possible education for my children, and Colorado Virtual Academy has exceeded my expectations in providing a world class education for my three children.

We need options, we all learn in unique ways, our children are not one size fits all, we all have different learning styles, and it’s not possible for every student’s learning needs to be met by the nearest traditional neighborhood public school. Online education offers students the opportunity to have a world class education and quality online learning opportunities that prepare them for a lifetime of success. No, this model is not for every child, but it is so good to know that options are out there.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about the growing popularity of cyber schools/e-schools/online schools and offer some reasons why I think online has become a growing trend, some benefits of online, and the big question of socialization.



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