21st Century Learning

21st Century Learning: Wave of the Future or Education Fad? That was the theme of last Thursday’s Event hosted by the Independence Institute with special guest speaker Colorado’s State Board of Education vice chairman Randy DeHoff. Great PP presentation followed by a thought provoking discussion with a bit of aroused controversy.

Since the turn of the 21st Century, phrases like 21st Century Learning, Wave of the Future, and Innovation in Education have become universal in the world of education. The trends we have seen in education are no longer the wave of the future, but the here and now.

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills’ website is packed with information on the necessary skills that our children will need in order to be successful citizens and workers in this century. Students need to focus on core subjects, 21st Century content, learning and thinking skills, ICT literacy and life skills. This transformation of education will incorporate all of these necessary skills to help our children succeed. 21st Century skills will inevitably be a part our nation’s K-12 education.

The realization is that if our children are to compete in a global society then something has to change in the way our children are being taught. We have a different better way to teach now; what we have been doing for the past 50 years won’t work anymore. It’s important to educate and graduate students who can compete globally and are prepared for a lifetime of success.

How do you feel about this transformation in education?


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  1. Hey, thanks for stopping over to comment on my recent post. I will have to look for the book you mentioned. I bet my little ones would love it.

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