Anime Club

Has anyone heard of Anime? I never knew what this was until my son started getting into reading manga about 5 years ago. Then he started watching ongoing Japanese manga series on TV like Dragon Ball Z and Fullmetal Alchemist. And about 3 years ago he started attending Nan-Desu-Kan which is an annual Anime Convention and one of the largest in the Western U.S.

Anime is a shortened word for animation which refers to Japanese cartoons; manga are Japanese comic books.

My oldest son enjoyed Anime so much that when he entered the 9th grade with our online school, he wanted to start an Anime Club. This is his 3rd year leading the Anime Club for COVA’s HS and over the years the club has done some very fun things like physical meetings and being that we are an online school it’s always fun to meet face to face. They also have book and movie discussions, learn Japanese, as well as share art work that students have created. I wanted to share with you several student’s art work that I thought was pretty amazing.  These are just a few drawings.  Enjoy!

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