Choice in Education

Choice in Education.

I’ve shared lots about The Virtual World of Education, otherwise known as public online schools, but there are other school choice options available.

Years ago, we didn’t have the educational options that are available to us today. Traditional neighborhood public schools are probably the schools that we are all most familiar with, but today we have lots of educational options available to us, or do we? Unfortunately, access to certain school options depends on the state you live in. For instance, there are 10 states in the U.S. that have no charter school law. Check out US Charter Schools to see if your state has charter school legislation.

It can become overwhelming to research and explore all of the school options available, but there are user friendly sites out there to help. One of my favorite sites is The Heritage Foundation . Just click on your state and you will see the school options that your state has to offer as well as state contact info. And if you simply want an explanation of different types of school options, go to the bottom of the page under Other Resources and click on Types of Choice.

Another one of my favorite user friendly and comprehensive sites that is specific to Colorado is School Choice for Kids

Empowering parents to chose a safe and healthy learning environment that offers quality effective academics is the key to parental involvement and student achievement. Children are not one size fits all, children learn in unique ways, and it’s just not possible for every child’s learning needs to be met by the nearest traditional neighborhood public school. We need options and informed parents in order to chose the right school for our child.

So, you’ve done your homework and found the perfect school option that fits best with your child’s learning style and needs, BUT your state doesn’t offer this option. Stay tuned tomorrow and I’ll share more about how you can make your voice heard in your state.

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  1. Sean Cooney says:

    Great Post!!

  2. I have some friends who homeschool their kids, but the program is different from anything I have ever heard of. They are a part of a group that get's together for certain languages (spanish is one) and about 20 kids learn together in an environment taught by a teacher all the parents hired together. They do this for some subjects, and then teach individually for others. Plus, the kids are all involved in a ton of sports and activities, and those too become a part of their curriculum. I always thought of homeschooling as being kind of limited (and lacking socialization options) but these kids are thriving, and I love the system they have. I had no idea those options were even available, but I would LOVE to look into something like that when my kids are old enough.

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