Household Chores…Schooling at home…HELP!

When we first enrolled in our online school, I tried to figure out how I was going to manage schooling my daughter at home and household chores. I didn’t do a great job the first year, and the second year I brought both of my boys home to school online which brought about a whole new set of challenges.

I incorporated school into chores and chores into school. While I did things like fold laundry, load the dishwasher, and cut coupons, I would give my daughter her spelling test, review vocab words, or discuss a story from literature. Making dinner was an easy fix with my Crockpot and my daughter always helped. Preparing in the slow cooker is so child friendly that my daughter now makes a better veggie chili dish than I do!

My children have always been a great help too, they have been doing chores for longer than I can remember. Chores like, setting the table, watering the plants, feeding the cats and changing their water, putting away groceries, and other age appropriate chores; huge help and gives children a sense of responsibility.

My other ideas and strategies for managing chores around the house:

  • Consider hiring a housekeeper
  • Find & keep ‘Your’ Getaway Room–the one room in your home that is exclusive to Mom
  • What could your children help with that they don’t already do?      
  • Post a ‘Help Wanted’ chore list on your fridge 
  • Assign chores and change chore duties often
  • Give prizes for completing chores…certificates, special desert
  • Put on music while you clean, it is so motivational
  • Set a timer and have a contest to see:
  • Who can pick up the most books
  • Who can find the most trash
  • Who has the cleanest windows
  • Who has the cleanest room
  • Who has the best-made bed (the prize: they don’t have to make it tomorrow!) 

And I still so often have to be reminded not to allow myself to burn out while trying to get everything done. I sometimes need to give myself that license to step out of that comfort zone and focus on the first and foremost reason for bringing my children home, and that’s to educate. My home will still be there whether immaculate or messy, but my children are growing up so quickly. The realization is that they will one day take their wings and fly. Ouch, that really gave me goose bumps, but I know how much truth there is in that statement. And for me, this is the time that I want to focus on education with this exceptional schooling experience we have found, and enjoy and savor my children.

I would love to hear about how you keep it together with schooling at home and household chores.

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  1. im going to have to use some of these ideas!!1 thanks for visiting my blog! COME BACK SOON!!____- Jersey Girl aka Jess

  2. Lori, my favorite strategy is to make sure I'm up before everyone else and I go through the living room, kitchen, and library and do an "early morning" straighten. This helps ME start the day with a better feeling about things.

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