Lawmakers Debate Online Schools

Lawmakers Debate Online Schools and while this debate continues in Oregon, guess who suffers? That’s right, the students and families. The students and families who have chosen an online school because it best meets their individual learning needs, now must wait until policy makers decide how online schools should be governed.

Accountability? Absolutely, all for accountability, we should be responsible for ensuring a world class education for ALL of our children. Online schools ARE accountable and students who school online demonstrate their knowledge and skills through state standardized tests. Taxpayer dollars? We should absolutely be mindful of that too, and how some of our dollars also pay for students attending brick and mortar schools who are there in body but not in mind. Students are falling through the cracks, could it be because our traditional schools are failing our children?

What is this Virtual World of Education? How do students learn in this model? Why are Online Schools Are A Growing Trend? What is A Parent’s Role In The Virtual World Of Education? How many say no to online schools and how many of those who say no, REALLY know how a student schools online? How many of those who say no to online schools have visited a student who schools online? So what does the curriculum look like and how is it delivered? How do these learning programs work to allow for the partnership between parent and highly qualified teachers in order to maximize student achievement? How and when are placement tests administered to ensure that each child will be matched to their level of proficiency? Are students really sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours a day? Do students complete labs, and if so, how? What does the course catalog look like? How do the core courses compare to the AP courses? How do students socialize (please scroll down) in this model?

If you can answer the question above, then you know why online schools should be a permanent part of our public education system in every state. Online education is a different model than the traditional brick and mortar that most of us are a product of, but It’s apparent that what we have been doing for the past 50 years is not working anymore! Why is it that we are so resistant to change?

Parents should have the freedom to chose the school option that works for their child!

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  1. My wife homeschools and I think we do the Ga Virtual Academy. But being a typical husband I might be wrong. I know we are having the same problems here in Ga. where they want to cut funding. You have a nice blog and thanks for visiting mine

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

    And thanks for the proper pronunciation.

    I used to do it in two syllables and sounded like I was clearing my throat.

  3. It sounds so neat- I am considering homeschooling- do you homeschool as well, or just oversee what the kids are doing?

  4. Thanks for stopping by. Actually, online schools are publically-funded schools that serve students in K-12. In an online school students usually learn from a home base with the support of a Learning Coach, that would be you or your husband. Students are assigned highly qualified teachers and in Colorado the teachers must be Colorado licensed, but each state has different laws. The schools provide ALL of the books and materials students need and in most cases even a computer or Internet access to make this kind of education possible. Online schools also provide opportunities for their students to come together to learn and/or socialize with one another – both online and in person. We have been schooling online now for 6 years and we love it! I learn right alongside my children.

    The Heritage Foundation is a great site that will tell you what school options are available in your state. Just click on your state to see what you have to chose from.

    It's sad that a parent's choice is limited in certain states. Let me know if you have any more questions, choice in education is a passion of mine.

  5. Read you article, make me have a deeper understanding to life, it is different meaning for me.

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