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Choice programs promote healthy competition, offer safe learning environments, lead to better test scores and higher graduation rates, saves tax payers money, encourage parental involvement, and empowers parents to choice the right school for their child.
Students are benefiting and achieving from school choice programs, yet these programs are not available to all families in all states. The Heritage Foundation provides the facts about school choice across the country in this summary: School Choice in America 2009: What it Means for Children’s Futures

There are so many parents who value choice in education and parents who know just how important it is to stand up for that choice. But, it can be difficult for parents to have their voice heard as education policy is being considered. So what can you do to make your voice heard as a parent?

First of all, to find your legislator, lookup your 9-digit zip code and then input it into Project Vote Smart .

Once you know who your go to person is, you can write letters, make phone calls, e-mail, and visit your Senator and/or Representative to share why choice is so important to you. Google to see if your state has something similar to Colorado’s Education Bill Tracker for links to bill texts and status information. Google to see if your state has a weekly e-newsletter that will keep you informed of when the Education Committee will meet and if testimony will be accepted. Get together with other parents to visit your state capitol to testify; Parent Power is priceless. Our legislators do listen, but they ‘need’ to be informed about what is important to their constituents, that’s us.

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools  is a great resource in learning about ways to Get Involved  in the charter school movement. The Alliance For School Choice supports school options that include school vouchers and scholarship tax credit programs and you can sign up to Be An Advocate  for school choice programs.

Student achievement is our ultimate goal and allowing for school choice is the vehicle that will help us attain that goal. Let’s make our voices heard, return the power to parents to choose a school that is the best fit for their child, and allow school choice in every state so parents can chose and students can achieve.

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  1. Great post. Love all the info. It is important that no matter what a parent chooses that a CHOICE be available!

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