Bill Bennett’s interview with Ron Packard

“Traditional schools aren’t working. Let’s move learning online”. It’s not so much the article I want to share, but rather Bill Bennett’s 30 minute interview with Ron Packard and the discussion of learning online.

Ron Packard is founder and CEO of K12, a visionary, an expert on online learning, and a strong advocate and supporter for choice in education. In this interview, Ron Packard talks about how he would change the name of the above article to: Traditional schools aren’t working for “everyone”. In my opinion, Ron Packard is truly an individual that has the best interest in mind for EVERY child and EVERY child’s unique learning style.

In 2008, my family and I had the pleasure and honor of spending time with Ron Packard in our home. I was so impressed by his genuine interest in what my children were currently learning and studying and his interest in what innovations my children would like to see in their Academy. It was a wonderful opportunity for our family to be able to share our online schooling with the founder of K12.

I’ve shared about our online public charter school, Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA), my thoughts on The Virtual World of Education, and what I believe to be the benefits of Online Schools.

Now listen as Ron Packard talks about and answers questions relating to online education and stay tuned because that burning question of socialization is discussed.

Ron Packard and my son Sean
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  1. Christine in Ohio says:

    Thanks for sharing this great interview Lori. Something I will share with others!

  2. Sean Cooney says:

    Who IS that handsome devil in the photo? And for that matter, who's the kid shaking the handsome devil's hand?
    Lol, 🙂 Just Kidding. Great Post!

  3. Great Post, Lori!

  4. Ellen Promisloff says:

    HI Lori-
    Thanks so much for putting this out there! We are thrilled that you are so happy with your children's education and K12!

    I am a Marketing Director here at K12, responsible for marketing to various religious niche markets – i.e. Muslim, Jewish, Christian, etc. I would really appreciate an opportunity to personally chat with you further about your motivations and decision to enroll your kids in COVA.

    Please email me back a few times that you may be available for a telephone conversation.

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Ellen Promisloff

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