Choosing Curriculum

Language Arts/History/Science/Math curriculum, homeschool curriculum, pre-packaged curriculum, religious or secular based curriculum…There is so much out there to choose from that it can become overwhelming.

What to take into consideration:

Does support come with your purchase?
What are the costs?
Does the curriculum align with your state standards?
Will the curriculum support your child’s individual learning style?
Is the curriculum mastery-based or spiraling?
Is the curriculum consumable?
Did you check references?

Hi‘story’ is just that, a story of the past, does your History curriculum totally POP, is Science hands-on, is your Phonics Program really reaching out to help your child become an independent reader, and does Language Arts/English combine phonics, literature, language skills, and spelling lessons, does Math balance mastery of basic skills with critical thinking and problem-solving, and what about World Languages, can you choose from Spanish, French, German, Latin, or Chinese, and does Art follow your History timeline in a way that makes learning fun and creative?  The K12 curriculum provides all this and much more. 

Click below to review a lesson:

3rd Grade History Lesson 1 Gutenberg Breaks Into Print

Grade 1 Science Lesson 7 The Deep Ocean

Language Arts Grade 2

Algebra 1 Slope of a Line

Intermediate Art: World A

Please feel free to leave a comment or question.
Disclosure–I am not receiving any compensation from K12. Our family has been using this curriculum for 6 years through our online public school and I am a huge fan of what this core knowledge curriculum has to offer and passionate about how it brings learning to life.

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  1. This is our first year using the K12 curriculum and I could not be more impressed, especially the history! Lori is an amazing resource as well. I could not have made it as easily through this year without her help and support!

  2. how nice of you to put up links, it's nice to see and play with a curriculum. I am such a curriculum junkie, I kind of wish I'd just stick with 1 'brand'.

  3. MindofMindi says:

    I'm really interested in this! We just moved out of our school district to a less funded one and it scares me! I tried applying for a public accademy and we didn't make the lottery this year. 🙁

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