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Friday, April 16, Scott at This Daddy’s Blog gave me a BLOG AWARD! I was so honored, an award for my blog…he made my day.

According to the rules, I have to share 10 honest things about myself with you, and then pass the award on to ten of my favorite bloggers, which is going to be hard because I have LOTS of favorite bloggers. Truths about me…

1. My Children are my inspiration.

2. I always see the pot half full.
3. I am passionate about advocating for school choice and empowering parents.

4. Love…love…love schooling my children at home through our public school Colorado Virtual Academy using the K12 curriculum.

5. I find working on genealogy so rewarding, I’m hooked.  Okay, another truth…I have been so wrapped up with “stuff” that genealogy has taken a back seat, but summer is around the corner, so I’ll be back to it in no time.

6. I totally love sitting by the pool with a great book, soaking up the sun, and pretending that I have nothing better to do.

7. Little House on the Prairie has always been and still is my most favorite dramatic T.V. series.

8. I Love Lucy…I absolutely LOVE LUCY! I haven’t bought a doll in forever, but I used to collect them and I have several collectible Lucy dolls, books, movies, way too much to list, so here are some pictures…

My Mother’s Day present from my three children May 2003
It’s a bedside table.  My children made it out of scrap pieces of wood topped off with a collage of I Love Lucy pictures
My I Love Lucy stuff
9. Cooking is therapy to me.

10. Home with my children is my most favorite place to be.

I have to agree with Scott from This Daddy’s Blog that it’s really hard to list only 10 blogs, because I love all of the blogs that I follow and there are SO many fabulous voices in the blogosphere. Here are my 10 for today:

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  1. MindofMindi says:

    Thank you SO MUCH Lori! And I love #3 because you have done that for me! I still need to look into the K12 program. Thanks again for your email. I've got it saved!

    I Love Lucy too! 🙂

  2. You are so sweet! Thanks so much!

    That table your kids made you is awesome! What crafty little angels!

  3. I love #2 – Optimism is a great mindset! Thanks for including QM! You made my day!

  4. Thanks, Lori for thinking of me!

    I can't believe all your Lucy stuff…and I think it's hilarious that you took the time to put it all together for the picture. 🙂

  5. Oh, I know, it was hysterical to see all of us trying to find everything and then someone would think of something else that was Lucy. Now that it's all there, I don't want to put it up. That's what tomorrow will be for.

  6. Thanks so much for thinking of me. That was so sweet!!

  7. Thank you so much Lori! And number 6 made me think I really need a vacation somewhere warmer! 🙂

  8. #3 and #6…I have to agree, even though I don't have a pool, but if I did, sitting by it and reading would be my fav thing!

    thank you for thinking of me!!! I am honored! give me a few days to respond on my blog…

    cyber hugs and kisses!

  9. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    Stopping from Mom Loop! Great list! I love the blogs you chose.

  10. I love sitting by a pool myself. I can easily pretend the laundry is all done and put away and as long as the door is closed, who knows any different!
    I'm with you on the cooking as well, it is therapeutic!

  11. Your positive nature so comes out in this post. Loved reading it!

  12. That is a great list. Lucy Im Home!

  13. Roxanr says:

    Luv it!! I am a major I love Lucy Fan as well! I wanted my ring tone to be…''Lucy… Lucy you gots some splainin to do'' lol but seems you cant find that haha

  14. That's so funny. On my old phone I had the I Love Lucy theme song as my ring tone. I need to put that on my new phone now. It's just not the same without it.

  15. Cooking is definitely therapy for me, too!

    Following you from mom loop. =)

  16. AWESOME Lucy table!!! What great kids to make that for you!
    My recent post Wordless Wednesday: Crossed Feet

  17. Lori,
    That table your children made is priceless! What an awesome gift! I came expecting to see a table they bought and what a surprise that was. It gave me an idea for table of my own.
    My recent post Visiting Lil Reds Grave On Wordless Wednesday

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