CLCS Rally

Yesterday, The Colorado League of Charter Schools (CLCS) sponsored a Charter Schools Rally on the West Steps of the Colorado State Capitol. It was an AMAZING rally with an ‘ALL About the Kids’ focus. Colorado has 160 plus charter schools, approximately 66,000 charter school students, and over 40,000 Colorado students on waiting lists to enroll in charter schools.

At 11:30 a.m. recognition was given to Stacy Rivera, the League’s Director of Communications for outstanding charter school support and marketing. Stacy is awesome, always working to embrace the school choice movement. This was followed by Rep Joe Rice sharing remarks about how top quality education needs to include charter schools and how we need to ensure that every student in Colorado gets a quality education. 

We heard from many other speakers including a charter school student who always had a dream of attending college. His charter school has taught him much and now this dream is a reality. Bill Kurtz, CEO of The Denver School of Science and Technology (DSST) talked about how diversity is the core part of DSST’s mission and how every neighborhood deserves to have great schools. Bill went on to comment something that many legislators should take to heart: Kids are first and politics second.

Next was an awesome musical performance by students at the Rocky Mountain Deaf School. Kudos to all of the student performers, you rock!

Bob Schaffer, Chairman of the State Board of Education shared his thoughts about charter schools. He mentioned that Colorado was the third state in the country to have charters and that charter schools are a great thing for Colorado. He told us how years ago people from around the country came here to Colorado to see how we do what we do to make charter schools work, and they still do. He also told us that years ago in Colorado, we as parents were told where our children would go to school. How? Your address decided where your child would go to school. You were told…and you were told because of where you lived! Turn the clock forward a bit, and now with our charter school law enactment in Colorado as well as other educational options, things have changed. Now parents can decide what school they want their child to attend so their child’s individual needs can be met. Remember, it’s ALL about the kids and kids first politics second.

Chairman Schaffer introduced the three winners for the CLCS essay contest in each category of Elementary K-4, Middle School 5-8, and High School 9-12. Each student read their essay with confidence and poise and they each did a fabulous job. They thanked their wonderful teachers who encourage them to head toward college and they proudly shared how their charter school rocks.

We were privileged to be joined by some of Colorado’s greatest school choice champions, first was Speaker of the House Terrance Carroll who commented that the student speeches we just heard were a great statement of how we truly believe in our schools.  Some of our other champions included Rep Amy Stephens, Rep Kent Lambert, Senator Kevin Lundberg, Rep Cory Gardner, and Senator Nancy Spence.

We were reminded of who owns this great Colorado State Capitol building and just how important it is to let the legislators who stayed inside today know that we are here. So we very loudly and very uniformly chanted several times…Charter Schools Rock!

And not only do charter schools rock, but choice in education rocks! Colorado is a great state that allows for charter schools and educational options.  Thank you to all of our wonderful Champions who work so hard to ensure that choice in education remains an option in Colorado.

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