Hallmark’s Kid’s Collection

Hallmark has an all-new Kid’s Collection of cards expressly designed to cheer kids up, cheer kids on, or to put a smile on their face. There’s a card for your Tween and/or your Teen. 

The “You Mean A Lot…” Card is so apropos for my oldest. And one of these days I will yank out his ear buds and tell him how much he means to me…just have to do it soon, he’s headed to college next year!

Check out the whole collection right here .  There really is a card for everyone, and what a perfect time of year to celebrate and give kudos to your child for all of their hard work this school year.

Disclosure-I received 5 Kid’s Collection cards from Hallmark, but I am not getting paid to write this post.  I really do think they are GREAT cards!

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