Mom and School Teacher

Whether your children are enrolled in an Online School and they school at home or you traditionally home school your children and they school at home, how do you find that fine line between mom the disciplinarian and mom the school teacher?

Our first COVA teacher used to tell a story about one of her families. Each morning her children would kiss mom good-bye, walk out of the house, and enter back in the house. Upon reentering, mom was not mom anymore and was not to be treated as such. Mom was the school teacher and was to be treated with the respect you would give a school teacher. Great idea, but I couldn’t be that disciplined and structured to have such a routine go on every day.

Even before my little ones were born, I have been critical and questioning of my actions and decisions from eating the right foods while pregnant to my ways of disciplining during the early years and even now. I have made lots of choices and decisions for my children and sometimes wonder what if I have made all the wrong ones and my children have to suffer the consequences. Kept looking for that handbook which addresses every possible anything that a parent could and probably would encounter. But unfortunately, I never found that book, so over the years I have stumbled, fumbled, and made lots of blunders along the way.

I have to say though that the decision to enroll my children in our VA is one decision I have never second-guessed myself on. We absolutely have those days when things get overwhelming, and I admittedly lash out with threats of sending everyone back to B & M school, but things get put back into perspective and we remember why we chose this option.

Each and every year I see my children gain a deeper sense of appreciation for how we school and for what I do each and every day to make schooling at home possible. I can see that they truly understand the commitment and time I have invested in their education, and they have a great respect for that dedication and for the quality education they are receiving. My children are grateful that I am Learning Coach and Mentor to them and mom as well, and I can see that they know and understand the distinction between the two.

It can most definitely be challenging to find that line between mom and Learning Coach, but keeping things in perspective and keeping those lines of communication open is helpful. For our family, we have an understanding that we are in this together, through thick and thin. We make this a family endeavor and we talk about why we chose this option in education; I faithfully call family meetings on a regular basis to encourage discussion. When my children try to convince me that they just can’t do their work, that’s when I remind them that I know just what they are capable of and I convince them that they can. Guess that’s being mom and teacher all wrapped up in one.

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  1. Lori, thanks so much for your kind words. Best, Pippi

  2. Very strong and true post. I like it and see it in my own house with Tracy.

  3. Christine says:

    GREAT post Lori!

    One that needs to be shared on.

  4. Such a good post Lori! I think the questioning your every move is the sign of a great parent, but I love that you have found so much happiness with the choice of schooling!

  5. I gave you a award on my blog

  6. well said my fellow K12 mama! 🙂

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