Teacher Appreciation Week 
May 3-7 2010
This week we recognize our favorite teachers. This is a week to say thanks to that top performing teacher who made a difference in the life of a child. This is a week to express our thanks to those teachers who go above and beyond everyday in their efforts to educate our children, our future.

I’d like to express my gratitude to all of our wonderful Colorado Virtual Academy teachers. Virtual teachers, teachers who teach in an online school are unique in how they teach, where they teach, and how they reach and interact with their students. Not just any brick and mortar school teacher is prepared to be an effective virtual school teacher or informed enough to know how to meet the challenges of this fairly new, rapidly growing trend of virtual schooling.

In both brick and mortar and virtual schools, teachers are responsible for the academic growth of their students and for administering the state standardized testing program as well as other applicable tests administered throughout the year. Teachers in both models monitor and oversee student progress, assure work is completed in a timely manner, monitor attendance, conference with parents and the student, among the many other daily responsibilities to ensure that each and every student is reaching their academic potential.

The differences between teaching in a B & M school and teaching in a virtual school include communication, feedback, the way school is delivered, how students interact and participate in daily courses, and how mentoring relationships are developed with students.

Virtual school teachers use a live online session where they instruct in real time with groups of students and these sessions are typically recorded for students to reference at any time. Communication is vitally important in a virtual school, but communication looks a bit different than the F2F which we are most familiar with. We communicate asynchronously through e-mail or some type of secure e-mail system within the virtual school and through monitored threaded discussions. Communication also happens synchronously through online sessions, instant messaging, F2F, and phone. Online teachers are not typically dealing with interruptions, discipline, and other disturbances that take away from teaching and learning, which allows virtual teachers to interact with students frequently and one on one.

Key ingredient to a successful public school:
The partnership between Teachers and Parents

To our Outstanding…Above and Beyond…Stupendous…Innovative…AND VERY MUCH APPRECIATED..
Colorado Virtual Academy Teachers!


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  1. Christine says:

    Thanks for letting all the COVA teachers know what a fab job they are doing! As a former teacher….it makes all the difference when parents say THANKS!


    Christine in Ohio

  2. Lori, my dd and I homeschooled this year, it has been a blast! We checked into and qualified for an online charter school here in Texas, may try that next!

  3. Wow! that is some awesome I love Lucy stuff! That is like a serious collection! I'm popping over from Mom Loop! I'm following you on google friend connect and facebook networked blogs! Hope you'll follow me back!

    And I know I'll be seeing you more on Mom Loop!!


  4. jeford2012 says:

    Stopping by from Mom Loop Follow Friday. I'm your newest follower!

  5. Hi
    Stopping over from Mom Loop! Your newest follower!
    I've never heard of the virtual classroom for k-12 (I hae for graduate work etc.) How interesting!

  6. Here from the mom loop friday follow! my mom is a retired elementary school teacher.

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