Stellar Teachers…

Last night I attended a social event and had the opportunity to talk with many people, but one conversation in particular still resonates in my mind. A very proud mom shared with me how her daughter’s very first year as a teacher was such a rewarding one. Her daughter received a position as a 2nd grade teacher in a public charter school and she was passionate about bringing her remedial readers up to or above grade level in reading as well as ensuring student academic achievement throughout the year. She continued to share about all the ways that her daughter went above and beyond to not just teach, but to teach well. It got me thinking about what parents look for in a stellar teacher.

Can you relate to this scenario? It’s the end of the school year. The list of next year’s teachers is posted on the school’s front bulletin board. The mad rush is on. The pushing, the shoving, the chaos of parents bulldozing one another to get the first look at who will teach their child for the next school year. Smiles are rampant, the hoorays are loud and clear, and then it comes, the irate parent who just learned that their child’s teacher for next year is Mrs. I’m burnt out but tenured so ya can’t touch this! Tenured is one thing but burnt out as a teacher is like a burnt muffin, they both leave a bad taste in my mouth.

So what makes an above and beyond teacher? What makes a really effective teacher? These are some things that are important to me, I would love to hear your thoughts.

A Stellar Teacher…

1–Cares about his/her students
2–Teaches well
3–Makes learning fun and makes learning come alive…brings creativity to the next level
4–Goes out of his/her way to ensure that each student is understanding academics being taught and making sure each and every student is doing their best
5–Communicates consistently and communicates well
6–Is flexible and fair
7–utilize technology as times change
8–Makes it so that learning is a constant journey and not a simple destination! Can’t take credit for this one, it comes from my 16 year old son.

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  1. Thanks for sharing!!
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  2. I haven't had to deal with teachers yet, but I can understand how parents would be less-then-thrilled to get the crumudgeons.

  3. covaadvisors says:

    The task of the excellent teacher is to stimulate “apparently ordinary” people to unusual effort. The tough problem is not in identifying winners: it is in making winners out of ordinary people. ~K. Patricia Cross

  4. I'm with you on the tenured thing. We lost two fairly new, really enthusiatic teachers this year. Our district kept teachers who are so burnt out that they give the kids that's parents never come to the school and don't care who they get to these teachers. The parents who are there all the time, or are actively involved never have kids in those classes. They'd swear I was making this up, but I've seen it too often. The teachers that they're keeping are being paid a lot more and we could have employed four teachers for the cost of keeping two on.

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  5. I'm all for a seasoned teacher, don't get me wrong. I think we need both. Fresh, new ideas and teachers that are over the greenhorn stage and make good mentors. They know what works well and have a wealth to share. But, the teachers that are there just because their butt fits the desk chair because they've sat in it for so long bothers me.
    When we're making budget cuts, why I think we have to come up with a new scoring system.
    I'd love to see the teachers graded, not solely by years and test scores. But, by parent satisfaction, student progress, peer reviews, and administrative reviews as well.
    I love what your son added. Sounds like his education has been an enjoyable journey.
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