The Boeing B-17G "Flying Fortress"

I have been MIA for a few days wrapped up in volunteering for Civil Air Patrol’s B-17 Event at Centennial Airport. Talk about a plane full of history and a feeling of awe.

A WWII Veteran B-17 Pilot who I spoke with talked about his first combat mission. He shared how B-17 pilots trained at 20,000 feet, but his first combat mission was when the pilot of the B-17 ordered him to take control of the aircraft and for the first time he flew at 28,000 feet. His greatest memory of WWII was in 1945 when he piloted the B-17 to Germany to pick up and fly home POW’s. 

The Boeing B-17G “Flying Fortress” Up Close
Filling Up For Gas
An Inside Tour

The Ball Turret is so small that only men with very small builds could fit inside.
The Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator Training

Pedal Planes For Young Aviators

Looking At A Reconstructionist’s Arsenal

This is the B-17 Taking Off
This is the B-17 Landing
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