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The picture of those little carefree dangling feet alongside the leopard’s tail has become a kindred spirit to me over the past 6 months.

I met Barb, the author of Elementary Spirits, back in September of last year through a bowling League our children belong to. We chatted, connected, and she gave me her business card which listed her blog sites. I’ve joined in several social networking sites, but I really never focused on or for that matter paid much attention to blogs. Barb’s business card intrigued me and the more I checked out each of her sites, the more I wanted to know more. Barb has spent umpteen hours with me explaining how to get started, what sites to connect with, and ideas for what to blog about. Barb has literally held my hand for the past 6 months to help me build my blog and I am ever so grateful. I have met some wonderful people through blogging, shared what I am most passionate about (something that from the start Barb encouraged me to do), and most of all, I am having so much fun blogging, learning, and continuing to grow my readership. 

Thanks, Barb, for teaching me, believing in me, guiding and motivating me, and for always being there to answer my myriad of questions. I truly would have given up very shortly after I started if it were not for you.

If you haven’t already checked these out, here are just a few of Barb’s other incredible sites:

Between Talk-Totally unique, a tween forum for kids!

Coupon Cupboard-A great place to save, save, save!

And, Elementary Spirits has an awesome PR Monday that you don’t want to miss!

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  1. OMG! I am in tears. Thank you so much for that! and it is no problem helping you. I have loved every minute!


    what a great story at this time when you need it the most . THATS MY DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! any question

  3. Thanks for stopping by Theresa. And thanks for raising such an incredible person, Barb is so wonderful!
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  4. SinceMyDivorce says:

    Hey, I know Barb! Love her PR posts
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