9th Grade for GCA?…

On Tuesday I posted about the Rally at the Georgia State Capitol. Parents, students, and online school supporters gathered to let the State Board of Education know how important it is to offer HS for Georgia Cyber Academy. Even the small victories deserve celebration and this is a small victory in a promosing direction. For the complete story, please read Promising news for 8th Grade Students – State Board of Education Moves Towards Approving 9th Grade.

Although this is not a certainty that families will have access to 9th grade GCA, we will certainly keep good thoughts that this will become a reality for the 2010-11 school year.

Thanks to all of those parents and students who stepped up to make their voices heard!

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  1. You know, thanks for the support you show for other states and the GCA and K12 programs. Tracy and I are so upset that stuff might get cut out. That damn Sonny Purdue, we now have to do more studying on who we vote for to see what they plan on doing. On a good note. We got C2's school stuff and he is hyped up.

  2. Hey Scott, thanks for the kind words. Even though this option is not a good fit for everyone, it should be available so families can choose. Your C's are young, but if this goes on, by the time they complete 8th grade, they'd have to look elsewhere for completing their HS education.

    How exciting that C2's materials arrived. Looks like ours will be here in a week or so. I plan to take pictures, I have 3 so you can just imagine what my front porch looks like when we come home to all those wonderful packages.
    My recent post 9th Grade for GCA

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