Happy Fourth!

Hello Everyone!
I have been thinking about puting up a blog post to wish all of my American readers a very happy and safe Fourth of July Weekend, but I just couldn’t find the right words; that is, until I came across an article.  This article is the true meaning behind The National Anthem, a keystone to our July Fourth Holiday.  Please enjoy reading Mr. Asimov’s article, I know I did. 
To all of my American readers: Have a FUN and SAFE Fourth of July!
To Everyone else in our world: Have an amazing Sunday!
All Four Stanzas

By Isaac Asimov

G-d Bless the members of our military for their service to our country and their dedication to our freedom.
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  1. thank you, I am glad people still care what it means
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  2. I loved the link you put up Lori! I'd never heard that!
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