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Yesterday, Ed is Watching was Singing about Online Education. Today I’m singing his song!

A while back I wrote a post entitled ONLINE SCHOOLS… A Growing Trend where I talked about the plethora of benefits that online schools offer.

And then I posted about Kyle Feno, a 17-year old entrepreneur who started his own full time business and succeeded in school, an online school, Colorado Virtual Academy. Pursuing your dreams while getting an education is just one of the many benefits online schools offer.

Today I am privileged to share with you about a 13-year old accomplished performer, Julian Brashears who is a 3rd year Texas Virtual Academy at Southwest student.  Julian’s mom, Kristine, shares a very similar mindset that I had when I enrolled my children in an online school 6 years ago.  I too fought with the idea of traditional homeschooling, but like Kristine, I felt intimidated by trying to put together a curriculum on my own and being accountable for all of my children’s needs. Julian’s family found a way for Julian to pursue his talents and career while combining his pursuits with school.

Julian’s bio is amazing and I have to admit that my favorite of all his mentioned performances is A Little House ChristmasLittle House on the Prairie is an all-time family favorite of ours.  Julian has fabulous press reviews and news that is worthy of checking out. Please visit Julian’s site to get the full scoop. And while you’re checking out his site, please listen to this very talented young man as he sings the “The Star Spangled Banner” at Sam Houston Race Park.

Julian’s outstanding theatrical and musical talents are testimony that one’s dreams can be pursued while getting a world class education through this online public school option. 

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  1. We've traveled a lot this summer and I've enjoyed having the kids at home so much. The way you do school really does afford your kids so many opportunities to pursue their interests.
    I have a question, about how much time a day are you required to do school. I have home schooling friends who have much more "day" than we do.
    My recent post Edisto Part II- Hitting the Water

  2. Great question, a question I get asked very often. Time spent in school really depends on the grade, and the child. Some children get it and get it quickly while others take longer. I would say that in elementary school children school about 3-6 hours total, In MS anywhere from 5-8 hours a day and in HS it depends on your courses and again the student. My son took several AP classes this past year, 7 classes total, and some days it took him 6 hours, while other days it took him 9 hours. This is without time spent on homework though. And sometimes we choose to do something special during the week and that leaves some subjects for the weekend.

    Since we are a public school we are required to meet the state requirements for attendance just like B & M schools do.

    Thanks for stopping by, LulaLola and for always taking an interest in how we school. 🙂
    My recent post Highlight of a TXVA Student

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