A Cessna Flight

Last week my boys had the opportunity to actually fly a Cessna from Centennial Airport to Front Range Airport, just one of the benefits of being a member of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP).

How cool is that!

The plane is only a year and a half old and it has the latest technology.

It’s volunteers like Lt Col Beabout one of CAP’s pilots who make this opportunity possible for our cadets.

As a member of CAP, cadets receive 5 Powered O-flights and 5 Glider O-flights. The Glider flights are very cool too as the cadets actually put the glider together.

Check out the Squadron Locator for a squadron near you.

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  1. Lucky boys! Heck, I'd like to do that! Wow!

  2. SinceMyDivorce says:

    What a great opportunity for the boys!
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  3. That is too cool! I bet the boys were super excited to be able to have that opportunity!

  4. My kids would have been all over that!! Actually, so would my husband… 🙂
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  5. that is beyond cool! what big smiles! did they love it?

  6. OK, that is REALLY cool! I would have been so scared though! Your boys are seriously brave!
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  7. Stopping over from Mom Loop. How fun is that?!?

  8. WOw…. THat sounds like a really great experience! There are so many things that seem to be more in reach now than when I grew up! They look like they are soaking it all up and loving it.

    Thanks for sharing – stopping by from Mom Loop!
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  9. How cool is that! Thanks for stopping by my blog too!!! I shoot with a Canon T2i because of it's movie making feature. I've never heard a bad review about any of the Cannon Rebels 🙂
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  10. I just wanted to comment your blog and say that I really enjoyed reading your blog post here. It was very informative and I also digg the way you write! Keep it up and IЎЇll be back to read more soon mate.

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