L.E.N.S. Photo Challenge

Disclaimer: I did not take this photo so I can’t be entered in the contest. Two truths: One:Time got away from me today and the sun isn’t out anymore for me to take a picture and Two: I really wanted to share this beautiful picture with you that our Coalition Advisor took in Washington D.C. last month at our National Coalition’s Family Reunion. Awesome picture, Scott. Thanks!

So I’m just sharing over there at the L.E.N.S. Photo Challenge with this week’s theme:”Sunlight”.

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  1. That is a gorgeous picture!

  2. Truly beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us. : )

  3. Even though you didn't take it, it is still a beautiful picture. 🙂

  4. beautiful, I love the oranges, and mostly I love the sun's reflection on the water! I'm glad you linked up, even if you didn't take the photo!

    thanks for sharing it!
    My recent post LENS Photo Challenge- Sunlight

  5. Nice picture, such great color! i am off to check out the photo challenge.

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