Parent Power in Georgia

In response to last month’s post entitled 9th Grade for GCA?….

The Georgia Charter Schools Commission held another meeting on August 19th.

9th Grade for GCA was approved!

The approval will allow 660 GCA freshmen to take high school classes on Sept. 7.

Read on to see how Cyber charter schools celebrate two state victories, may get more funds.

What a great illustration of parents speaking out and making their voices heard. Parents are the best and most effective advocates for their children and in this case Parent Power prevailed.

What a great victory for all of those students who will be able to continue onto their HS education with GCA.

Kudos to the president of the Georgia Families for Public Virtual Education, Renee Lord for her incredible perseverance, strength, and leadership.

Kudos to the parents and the families who truly made a difference!

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  1. This Daddy says:

    It is good that they did this, Tracy mentioned it to me whe she heard the news.

    Thanks for voting for me.

    Smell that? Thats the metal in my brain trying to grind together and work until we leave for Disney. My small brain is hurting

  2. bluecottonmemory says:

    At my oldest son's college commencement, the speaker said, "If we could just get parents out of the classroom, we could do so much more." I was thinking, "Gee, all those students are there, graduating because of Parent Power!" Congrats on your achievement!

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