Constitution Day

September 17, 1787 is the birthday of our Constitution.
K12 offers FREE, FUN, and very engaging online History lessons to families in recognition of Constitution Day. These lessons are pack full of constitution facts, a coloring sheet, a constitution game, activity sheets, a time line, a Reading Room, and LOTS more.  All the materials you will need are included in each lesson for download or printing.

Thanks K12 for making these lessons available to families.

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  1. Scott aka This Daddy says:

    I love that K12 has so much great stuff. The kids love it too. How is your schoolyear going so far? Tracy is doing great with Carson and Cain so far. They love it. Carson seems to be advancing alomost to fast cause Tracy told me he gets bored and wants harder stuff, but we are trying to go slow and Cain, loves it and seems to be farther ahead than Carson was last year. I am afraid that my kids will be outsmarting me by the end of the year.

  2. I love how you point us in the direction of all this cool stuff!
    You new header looks great! Fits you to a tee!

  3. Happy Sunday, I am a new follower via your link on TheRedHeadWriters blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Please check out my page
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  4. Thanks so much for sharing this. Sadly I on the other hand, yesterday I tweeted that it was "Talk like a Pirate Day!" Hey, some of my posts add value and some… not so much. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, A Daddy Blog. I left you a response on there. I follow you on GFC & Facebook, btw… so I don't miss any more actually helpful posts. LOL. Hope you have a great week!
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  5. This is great info! I wish I would have seen it sooner. Ha ha. I had to chuckle at A Daddy Blog above me. I saw his "Talk like a Pirate" tweet. He he!

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