L.E.N.S. Photo Challenge

This week’s theme is “Begin the Story”
It began in October 2007 when we rescued Buzz (left) and Junior (right) from the Dumb Friend’s League; they are from different litters but very qucikly became the very best of friends…
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  1. they look like twins. What an adorable picture of them cuddling together on the pink bed.
    My recent post Wordless Wednesday

  2. What a CUTE pair! They definitely look like they could be from the same litter. I've always loved smoky gray cats- looks like you have a pair of fabulous friends!
    My recent post Extreme Makeover- Blog Edition

  3. Very cute! Loved the 2nd picture. They look so sweet sitting with each other.

  4. Yes, she was counting! She was trying to tell her brother that 6+1=7!

  5. What a wonderful big sister she is! 🙂
    My recent post LENS Photo Challenge

  6. Oh! Saw you on my Blog Frog just now! Those kitties, how cuuute!

  7. I will show this picture to my boys, they could be siamese twins…

  8. Sweet pictures!! Great job. 🙂
    My recent post Senior Blogger Moment

  9. Aimee @ Aimee's Land says:


  10. I love the kitty pictures they look so cute. I am now following your blog too. I live in FL too, but sad that we're moving soon, not too far though. Gonna miss the sunshine state.

  11. awww, I love these kitties, they are so sweet!
    My recent post LENS -begin the story -WINNERS!

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