Listening To Music While Schooling

Everyone has different ways to cope with distractions during their work, whether it be school, job related, or for a hobby. Some people need to completely remove all distractions, while others simply accept one: Listening to music. The population is truly split down the middle with this because many people are able to listen to music while they work, and many others are not.

Some people aren’t able to handle any distractions while working, and for them, listening to music would not be a good idea. If you cannot handle many distractions and you try to listen to music to calm you down or focus, you could end up focusing on the music and not what you’re trying to work on! Similarly, if you try to listen to music while you work, you could get distracted by the constant “noise” (And I do say noise in quotes because when you’re trying to work and you cannot handle distractions, everything becomes NOSIE!)

However, if you are able to handle distractions but you really cannot handle the problems of others while trying to work, then music could be a welcome option. You could use music to focus better, get rid of background noise, put you in a better mood, or calm down.

In the end, it really depends on the person, but if you think that you are capable of handling multiple distractions, then simply limiting your distractions to one that you can handle, can be a better option than dealing with multiple ones that you have no control over!

Disclosure: This is my oldest son’s 4th year in HS and this is the 4th year we’ve had this very same conflicting discussion, so I asked him to write in words why he ‘needs’ to have his earphones on when he schools. This post is his response.

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  1. My daughter is now in her 2 year in college, I had this talk with her all the time, the problem with getting used to the headphones is – that there will be those professors that won't allow you to use them during tests, and then the level of concentration goes down and so does the score. She does well when she's allowed not use them, not so well when she not. She has had to practice test taking without them.
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  2. Very interesting point, and I can totally understand why some professors won't allow the use of headphones while taking a test.
    My recent post Listening To Music While Schooling

  3. Sorry, but I HAVE to agree with your son. Take this from somebody who has had her FAIR SHARE of studying … I just graduated from law school … I study with music on, with the TV on, anything that makes noise doesn't distract me. Personally I think it's an ASSET to be able to focus with the noise. When he's in exams during college, everybody else will have problems focusing with others coughing and blowing their nose, but he barely won't notice because he's used to focusing with noise. Hope this advice helps the conflict some!
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  4. It definitely helps to hear other thoughts on this and what you say makes a lot of sense. Thanks. 🙂
    My recent post Listening To Music While Schooling

  5. It definitely helps to hear other thoughts on this and what you say makes a lot of sense. Thanks 🙂
    My recent post Listening To Music While Schooling

  6. What a well thought out response! I used to have a math teacher that cited studies that showed better test scores when students had music playing in the background- so he would play show-tunes!

    It drove me bonkers! I was a Theater major and knew all the words and would be mentally singing the words while trying to do math- it was a

    That said- everyone is different and I can imagine that certain kinds of music could be great when studying!

  7. Unplanned Cooking says:

    I like to listen to classical music to clear my thoughts, something quiet.
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  8. I have a very different noise tolerance than my children but am really trying to let them decide their own homework environment. Provided the assignments are done on time and get the grades I think my kids are capable of I do my best to stay out of it.

    I say do my best because I certainly wouldn't be able to work under the conditions they do:)
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