We were recently given the opportunity to test and review MythBusters: Science of Sports.
This activity kit is a trial and error hands-on format that is based on the Discovery Channel show.  This kit has several myths that can either be given the title of Busted, Confirmed, or Plausible.  The kit comes with most of the materials needed for all experiments, but some household materials are required, like a golf ball.   This kit is available nationwide at Toys “R” Us and other specialty toy stores.  Now, on to the fun part!

In our “play time” with the kit we tested out two myths:  Myth of the Heavy Hitters and Myth of the Black Eye. 

First, the Myth of the Heavy Hitters.  This myth states that in football, it is better to get tackled by a wide reciever than a line backer.  To test this out, we didn’t break any bones 🙂  The idea behind the home experiment is hitting different balls of different mass and seeing which one goes the furthest.  The three balls that we tested were a rubber ball, a golf ball, and a ping-pong ball.  Take a look at the pictures to see how it went!

Marking the height of the Golf Ball alone
Marking the height of the Ping-Pong Ball alone
Marking the Height of the Rubber Ball alone
The Ping-Pong Ball In Action!

Next we tested out the Myth of the Black Eye. The idea behind this myth is that athletes paint black stripes under their eyes because it helps them see better… Or could it be that it just scares their opponents?  The Cooney family investigates!

To begin with, we put Ashlyn in a dark room for 10 minutes and then turned the light on.  She said that it was like all of the light hit her all at once.  She also said that it was like the image of the room was all that she could see for several minutes.  Lets see if the black paint helps:

After Ashlyn was in the dark room for 10 minutes, we took her downstairs and applied the black eye paint. 
Here is Ashlyn after the experiment is over.  She says that after the light got turned on, her vision was a little blurry, but she was able to blink away the sensitivity fairly easily.
Even though it is a little blurry and not as cool as it is in the show, this myth has been confirmed!
It’s also been confirmed by our family that this Science Exploartion Kit that’s recommended for ages 9+ is a huge hit for the entire family!
Disclosure:  We received a free review kit but that had no reflection on the review.
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