The Power Of Dyslexia

Today I’m sharing an important message about a learning disability that impairs a person’s ability to read. The Power of Dys-lex-ia is a great site dedicated to serving the dyslexic community by providing a Free online community where dyslexics and those touched by dyslexia can post questions, provide advice and chat with other community members.

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  1. What a great tribute for raising awareness about Dyslexia. I think many use the terms flippantly and as if the disability is not real or pervasive. Thanks for bringing awareness to this important issue!
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  2. Also, Lori, not sure if you saw (blogger was being wonky this morning), but I tagged your blog in mine today 🙂

  3. When viewing the "Power of Dyslexia" one should ask oneself if the definition of dyslexia that dyslexics have a phonological awareness deficit is correct. This is the current popular definition and the show above clearly shows that this definition cannot be correct. Take Tom Cruise for example – He can now read well. Does he have a phonological awareness deficit? Did he ever have a phonological awareness deficit?
    Why did most of these famous people have a problem reading in school?
    The answer is simple. It is because English is an orthographically inconsistent language. It has nothing to do with 'phonological awareness deficit'.
    I have been teaching dyslexic children 3 languages for more than 5 years.
    All my students did not have a problem reading in 2 of the languages.They however were "Dyslexic" when it came to English.
    Read my blog and write to me if you do not agree with any of my articles in my blog.
    Luqman Michel
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  4. conversationalpackrat says:

    Look forward to reading your blog as I am very familiar with dyslexia, and the difficulites that are associated with it. Great little video – they captured some of the very best and brightest dyslexic's. When my son was little I typed up a list of famous dyslexic, and the companies that they started up or owned so he could see the possibilities. He was 8 when I first gave him that to tuck into his little wallet. Well today he is 20 an honor student in his second year of college, and he still has that list I put together for him all those years ago. My son works twice as hard, but he never quits. I am going to forward this link to him. I tell him all the time what a success story he is……

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