The LEarning Never Stops Photo Challenge

This week The LEarning Never Stops Photo Challenge is “Words”.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” and this single still image shouts a thousand different thoughts running through Junior’s mind.
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  1. I love that! Squirrels don't dare come that close to our house though because of our three cats.
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  2. What a fun photo! We're always imagining what our little dog is thinking as she stares out into the backyard at the birds!!!
    Blessings to you,

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  3. Great photo! My cat always watched squirrels through the window.
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  4. discovervitalitynow says:

    Poor kitty. LOL
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  5. Holy cow! That is a seriously big squirrel!
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  6. it would be so interesting to know what they are thinking..,though I think we could guess, on the cat's part! Thanks for joining up this week!
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  7. Lori, your photos of your cats always crack me up. Aren't animals just the best?! And the squirrel looks like he has no idea anyone is looking at him!
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  8. Patti Creek says:

    How funny! I bet he's thinking, "now That's what I call a MOUSE! LOL! By the way, I am now following you on Google, (was already) FB, Twitter, and Joined your BF Community. God Bless!


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