Scrabble and Scrabble Slam are two family favorites around here, and now Hasbro has come out with another word game called NAB-IT: A word-building game which challenges you to link your colored tiles to make new words and then steal words from your opponents by stacking your tiles on top of theirs. In this game you can build up with a limit of 5 tiles high, but since there is no board there is room for expansion as you get creative with making words, and you can use both sides of your tiles which allows for more word possibilities.

Each player gets a colored pouch which contains 25 tiles, one is a gray tile to keep score  and 24 tiles for building words.  When all the tiles have been used, count up the words showing and if you’ve got the most, you win!


NAB-IT includes 100 two-sided letter tiles, 4 gray bank tiles, 4 letter bags and rules. It can be played with 2 to 4 players. Recommended ages are 8 and up.

Hasbro did it again!  Another fun-filled family game that challenges each player’s word building skills.  We had a blast playing and have added this new game to our top Hasbro favorites.
Disclosure: Our family received a free copy of NAB-IT, but this has no reflection on my review of the game.
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  1. I've never heard of Scrabble Slam nor Nab-It. Gotta wait a few more years though until the girls get a bit older.

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