Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus

This year’s Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus presents a new production called Barnum’s FUNundrum, which celebrates the 200TH anniversary of the birth of the legendary P.T. Barnum, the Greatest Showman on Earth! It is seriously JUMBO-sized and It will be playing Denver Coliseum September 30 – October 10.

We had the opportunity to attend last night’s opening performance of the Greatest Show On Earth!
Ringmaster Johnathan Lee Iverson, a remarkable vocalist hosts the evening which is
packed full of some very creative talent, daring feats, breathtaking stunts, and beautiful, glittery costumes. The Sky-High Ice Gliders took the art of high-wire walking to a new level, the Asadulin Troupe were simply thrilling to watch as they launched one another into the air to create a human pyramid, and The Torres Family performed incredible motorcycle aerial tricks.

The Torres Family
Check out Barnum’s FUNundrum Interactive Media Guide to explore the show, meet the stars, and go behind the scenes.
For discounted ticket prices enter the chosen code below at
Purchase a 4-pack of tickets for only $44 for weekday performances with the code FFAWD
Receive $4 off weekend tickets with the code FFAWE
Call 1-800745-3000
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  1. I love this Lori! We went to the circus museum in Sarasota, FL and it was a very special time for my husband and myself. Thank you for reminding us of that special day!!!!
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  2. Most parents are not even aware that these photos and videos exist, they say a picture says a thousand words, a video leaves no doubt. Ringling Bros. Public Relation is always issuing a official statement, saying they love their animals and take good care of them and we don’t mistreat our animals, but then you can see the pictures of Ringling’s own trainers using ropes, multiple bullhooks and electric prod on a baby elephant to make it learn tricks, and in the videos you can see and hear elephants screaming in pain when a trainer hooks their skin with a bullhook and beats them. Somebody is lying about this animal abuse is it Ringling or your eyes?
    Families have no idea that the elephants and other animals they are excited to see will be beaten and abused behind the scenes to make them perform for them. Go to You Tube or Google do a search on “circus elephant abuse” you will see dozens of photos and videos showing Ringling and other circuses beating and torturing their elephants and other exotic animals. phttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdQPSy9zPVA” target=”_blank”>http://www.ringlingbeatsanimals.com/bound-babies…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECspj0daAlE&fe

    I explained to my children the reason we will never go to another circus that has performing animals is because we care about the humane treatment of these animals. Our family considers our dog a family member and we would be outraged and never condone someone beating her with a fireplace poker or using a electric prod and then making her stand in her own increment for days.
    Ringling makes big money on the backs of these animals and they will never stop as long as people are willing to look the other way. My conscience will not allow me to ignore what I have seen with my own eyes.

  3. Wow…
    #1 Lori, thanks for sharing, loved the post and I think it's great that you put up those pictures. It is a wonderful memory for the kids.

    Okay.. I had to delete everything I had written to commenter #2 because I was raised with southern charm. Lori, I'm sorry that someone felt the need to push their thoughts on you. Luckily, you are a smart and strong woman that knows the difference between propaganda and what you know and believe.

  4. You are so right Suzanne, it was a wonderful memory for my children and all of those children that were laughing so hard with that incredibly infectious laugh.

    Thanks for stopping by!
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  5. I got that same exact comment on my post, but I didn't approve it. Oh well!
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  6. I have wanted to take the kids to the circus for so long now and for one reason or another it never works out. Wishing I could go…
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  7. My intention were not to create a debate on your blog, I was trying to tell other Mom’s what I have discovered about animal abuse under the Big Top. The photos of Ringling’s baby elephants being abused just came out in 2009, so many Moms don’t know about them, but I thought if they knew, many would choose not to take their families, even though going to the circus has been a childhood tradition for decades. Seems I was wrong.
    Abusers of children or animals have the same MO, they start when the victim is young, and scare or beat them into silence. The Abuser always abuses their victims behind closed doors and shrouded in secrecy. The reason I know this is I have firsthand knowledge about childhood abuse and the lengths people will go to deny and hide it. Decades later I’m still dealing with the wounds that were left because no one wanted to get involved it was easier to look the other way.
    I have to say, I’m very shocked at the number of Mothers that are willing to pack their kids up and head to the circus in defiance to the truth. Doesn’t speak well for Motherhood.

  8. Oh Well.

  9. That may be true, but just like rodeos, until someone comes up with a less aggressive way of training animals, that is what they will do. Anything to do with animals is questionable, is it not? But, it is NOT appropriate posting a comment like this on another blogger's blog. You have a right to your opinion, and if you want to take a stand on this publicly, create your own blog and publicize it, and do something about it. Making a comment like this just makes others angry and not see your side of the debate.
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  10. Hey Lori! Sorry about the negative comment you received. People should realize that if they are opinionated (like me) that they should be careful in how they word things because 9 times out of 10, we will say something and it will set off bells. I speak from experience, as sometimes I get over zealous when I'm witnessing for God, or even commenting, so we need to read and re-read our comments to make sure they will not come out in a negative light. The circus is a "mainstay" tradition and will probably be here long after we're gone, They will go on training their animals the same way they have for decades or generations, I know how "abuse of any kind can hit a nerve, there are MILLIONS of Us out here that have been abused , but have found ways to deal with our wounds without hurting others, and bashing someone's post which was meant to be shared as a fun and loving time with her complete family (even the 17 year old I think is great) is hurtful. If you want to vent about animal abuse, and get the word out about mistreatment, then write a post on your blog about it, not a comment on an innocent person's blog. I guess I'm the last person who should be preaching about "long" comments and saying what they think, but when I do state my opinion, I try to be tactful about it and let them know at the end that if I offended anyone with what I said, "I am sorry". I also try to end on a positive note to the blogger. So Lori , I loved your post as always! I think it is SO neat that your older child would go to the circus with you and spend time with the family. Most 17 year olds are at the stage where unless it is with "their" friends they don't want to do it.
    God Bless You and Your Family,
    My recent post LORD- TEACH US TO PRAY

  11. Patti, thanks for your insight, old wounds caused the insensitive words I used, I will write with more sensitive.
    My apology Lori.

  12. What a great post! I will always remember going to the circus when I was a little kid. I had won some tickets for drawing a tiger for a TV show and won the tickets. As we sat in the seats I heard a voice that was SO familiar to me. I turned around and sure enough it was Blinkie the clown. I love him on TV but sure took out my love for him then figuring out he was a real person behind the costume. HA HA But in away loved him more too because I knew who he was and not many other did. 🙂

  13. Thank you, Katlupe, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts.
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  14. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, PJ, I appreciate you.
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  15. Thanks for sharing you circus memory, Kimber. 🙂
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