Charter Schools: The Ultimate Handbook for Parents

by Karin Piper. 
What a wonderful way to wrap up sharing about charter schools.  I actually posted this book review several months back; it is such a great read for parents, I had to share it again.

What is the difference between a charter school mom and a pit bull? (Piper 65)” Are you weighing the options for public schools? Trying to decide if a charter school might be a good fit for your child? Get all of the answers to these questions by reading Charter Schools: The Ultimate Handbook for Parents by Karin Piper. This enlightening book combines humor, useful facts, and helpful resources to better understand this alternative public school option.


Karin Piper is a stay at home mom, volunteer, charter school parent, and an advocate for school choice. I totally identified with the author and truly enjoyed her down to earth, witty way of addressing many of the questions that I as a parent would be asking. “Who makes choices for your child? (Piper16)” In response to that question I would irrefutably answer that as a parent, I do. When it comes to making choices for where our children will go to school, do we really know what all the options are or are many of us still thinking that the only option is the nearest neighborhood school?


One exceptional public school option is a charter school. Karin’s book will clearly answer what a charter school is, how a charter school is governed, and why parents might chose a public charter school vs. a public traditional school. Learn about the teachers, staff, and administration of a charter school, as well as the antidiscrimination laws and how student academic needs such as ESL, GT, and SPED are met. This book will provide you with all of the information you will need to help you make an informed decision as to whether a charter school is the right school for your child. You will also learn about charter school law, in mom/dad language, so it’s very understandable. This will help you determine whether a charter school is even an option for you in your state, and if it is, then you can move on to read how to start a charter school if there is not one in your neighborhood, or if you want to start a school with a specific vision in mind.

I applaud and thank Karin for writing this outstanding, comprehensive resource, which in my opinion is an invaluable tool to help parents decide whether charter schools might be an option to think about when considering alternatives in education. And thank you, Karin for wiring this book in such a parent-friendly way that addresses the questions and the facts.  Your wonderful wit makes this book thoroughly enjoyable while learning.
Also, check out this interview with Doug Hering from Charter School Insights, and check out Considering a Charter School for questions to think about and ask during your search.
My friend, Karin, can also be found here:

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