Green Energy Snap Circuit Kit

In August our family had the opportunity to review Steve Spangler’s newest book, Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes which is packed with super fun science experiments. We had a blast with some of these experiments like “The Incredible Can Crusher”, “Floating Water”, and “The Egg Drop” which was my favorite. Check out the mishap with the egg, videos, and the book review here.


We were recently given the opportunity to review the Green Energy Snap Circuit kit from  Steve’s Top 20 Holiday Gift Ideas.
Circuits, Energy Sources, and Electricity?
Didn’t have to ask us twice!
The Green Energy Snap Circuit kit is a hands-on engaging way for anyone to learn about energy sources and how the electricity in your home works while having fun learning. The kit comes with lots of color-coded parts that snap together to create and build literally hundreds of electronic projects and experiments, like an FM radio, a windmill, a solar fan, and even a clock. All of the included parts are very easily identifiable by numbers and colors and they all snap together to form a circuit. The kit also comes with a base grid to build upon, and there’s a tray included to easily store and separate each building block. There also a website included to order additional replacement parts.
The focus of this kit is on environmentally friendly energy sources and thinking green. It comes with a great 22-page educational manual that explains all forms of environmentally-friendly energy accompanied by pictures and diagrams.


My children have engaged in hours and hours of fun building different projects included in the manual and they have been putting their creativity and curiosity to use by making their own creations as well. There’s even a website to submit a creation that you think is unique, and it may possibly get posted with your name and state.
Some of the pieces are very small and are not recommended for children under 3, and I suggest reading the 1-page Do’s and Don’ts before getting started.
But once you do get started you’ll have a hard time putting this kit down.
Here’s Project #25 Motor Voltage
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And Project #21 Clock
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And this is a personal creation my children call The Horn
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And another personal creation called The Sean and Ashlyn Experiment
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And I leave you today with a chain reaction of flying soda!
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Learn how to make your own Geyser here.
Steve Spangler Website
Connect on Twitter: @SteveSpangler
Disclosure: I received The Green Energy Snap Circuit kit from Steve Spangler Science in exchange for my honest review.


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