Rose’s Perspective

Rose Fernandez is a friend of mine from the state of Wisconsin and she is a dedicated supporter of choice in education.  We serve together on the National Coalition for Public School Options, which is an organization of committed parents who support and defend parents’ rights to access the best public school options for their children. Rose is a parent of 3 children enrolled in Wisconsin Virtual Academy, a state wide online charter school.  

Listen to this short 2-minute video as Rose shares about the importance of parental involvement and individualized instruction.

Interview by Doug Crets edReformer
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  1. This is great, Lori. You do such a great job sharing about education choice through your blog. I know I've learned a lot by reading your blog 🙂
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  2. Thanks for your kind words Jamie.
    I should be an experienced parent by now, but I too have learned lots from your parent blog. Thanks for that. So glad we connected through the blogosphere.
    My recent post Roses Perspective

  3. Home Schooling is so different than I pictured it. I wish they had it when I was in school, then again, we didn't have computers! OOPs! Anyway, my sister-in-law "homeschooled her to kids several years ago, but they weren't on-line either. They did their's out of regular works books. Not only that , she was working and just left the boys to do their "own thing". That was the only thing I had against homeschooling. I can see it has come a long way since then and it also takes a serious parent and one that will devote time to it to make it work.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I hope more people feel that way too. LIving for God is a journey. You never stop learning. If there comes a point when we stop learning about our God, that is not a good thing because even He says that we are not supposed to be content at where we are in Him. We should always want more. That's the way we become closer to Him. Also, I read my Bible all the time, and I can read the same scripture several times and each time I read it , as long as I pray for understanding before reading, I get a deeper meaning to the scripture. YOu notice I did not say different, I said deeper. I wanted to clarify that because some people use that as an excuse to say the Bible is open to interpretations which it is not. It actually says that there is no "private interpretations. Anyway, each time you pray for understanding, then read, God will open up your understanding more and more. So we will never learn all there is to know about God, but isn't it fun trying?I hope you will continue to learn new things from my blog.

    God Bless,
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  4. I learned a lot! Thanks for sharing.

  5. That is great! Choice is so important!

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