A Very Memorable 11/11/10

What an incredible Veterans Day, terrible pictures, but it was such a significant and meaningful day of learning, sharing, and truly appreciating our nation’s veterans. Unfortunately though, I’ll have to leave much of this to memory, a handful of decent photos, and lots of very blurry photos.

Yesterday, Valkyrie Cadet Squadron’s Color Guard performed for the 3rd year in a row at North Star Academy charter school. My intentions are truly to share about our spectacular day yesterday, but I would be remiss to omit sharing the experience of being in this amazing charter school that bequeathed such a feeling of truly being home. The teachers, the staff, the atmosphere, all so warm and welcoming. The school has all the latest state of the art technology and great teachers, but a wait list of over 500 students.  After visiting with a teacher and her students I can understand why this is a school that parents want to get their children in to. 

Anyway, back to the day’s events which began with a gymnasium filled to capacity with students, families, administrators, teachers, and veterans. The Color Guard performed, the choir sang, and the North Star Academy Ambassadors shared a little history of each branch of the military and recognized the veterans in attendance.  The students did an outstanding job of coordinating and performing.

C/2d Lt Scheffel, C/1st Lt Cooney, C/A1C Cooney

Posting Colors

Then we were off to the 33rd Annual Remembrance Veterans Day event at Fort Logan National Cemetery, but because of the cold weather, it was overcast and in the 30’s, the event was moved to the VFW post which meant we were all INSIDE and WARM! We had the pleasure of listening to Congressman Mike Coffman speak as well as a retired Marine, but since we weren’t needed for crowd control anymore we decided to leave a little early to grab a quick lunch before we went to the last school of the day.

Valkyrie’s at the VFW post

Our last stop was to O’Connell Middle School which hosts the largest Veterans Day event in a public school in the state. We were joined by so many distinguished guests, just to name a few: Gold Star Mother Gerilyn Romero. Mother of Colorado’s first casualty in Afghanistan, Sgt. Daniel Aaron Romero, Jeffco Public Schools Superintendent, the Mayor of Lakewood and the former Mayor of Lakewood, Senator Betty Boyd and Brigadier General Dana Capozzella.  General Capozzella shared some very fitting and moving remarks in recognition of this day where we remember the Fallen and give thanks to those who are serving and have served in the Armed Forces. The Color Guard posted Colors, presented two flags to General Capozzella who then presented them to students, and retrieved the Colors before the event ended. After the event we were invited to have some cake and visit with a World War II Veteran who showed us some real Nazi artifacts taken from Nazi Germany when the Allied Forces were invading. It was very interesting to hear a firsthand account of a veteran and his experiences in World War II.

 General Capozzella

 Retrieving Colors

Bill Moore, WWII Veteran and Valkyrie’s Best

Nazi artifacts

We had the opportunity to meet and shake the hands of many Verterans yesterday.  It was a great day. 

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