Veterans Day 2010

Veterans Day is a day that shouldn’t need to exist, but must.  Like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Memorial Day, Veterans Day is a day when we take off of our busy schedules and give thanks to those who have written a blank check, worth any amount, to our United States of America.  Some veterans have given everything for the liberty, safety, and comfort that we enjoy today. 
On behalf of me, my family, and all of my friends: 
Thank you to the veterans who can accept our thanks, and our prayers are with those who cannot.

Thank You, Soldiers!

Free downloadable 2010 Veterans Day Unit Study 
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  1. You post the best videos, Lori! This one made me misty eyed.

  2. So wonderful to see your honoring of the Veterans in our country ~ I don't support war either but definitely support our troops ~ they are truly honorable gentlemen and women who deserve credit whether we believe in what they do or not ~ They put their lives on the line! hugs and namaste, cz 🙂
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