How soon until all libraries fade out?

Are you seeing many libraries close in your community?

The result of the Aurora Library Property Tax Increase, 2009 is old, gloomy news, but the e-mail I received yesterday was new news to me. Since the 2009 vote to raise resident’s property tax by about 6 percent in order to fund local libraries was not passed, we have seen the closure of several local libraries.

Since these libraries have closed, there is an increase in use in the Arapahoe Library District which has made fewer materials available to the district taxpayers who are paying for them. And since our Aurora libraries are dwindling down in numbers, we can’t reciprocate the use of our libraries.

So what’s being done about this situation is that a limit will be put on our account.

My email read:

Beginning Monday, January 3, 2011, you will notice the following limits placed on your ALD account:

• A checkout limit of three items per library card

• No renewals on checked-out items

• A limit of two holds per card

• All holds that are currently on your account will remain on your account until they are fulfilled. This is true for holds that still need to be fulfilled after January 3, 2011.

• No Inter-Library Loan or Prospector requests for materials


The e-mail went on to outline an option to continue the same borrowing privileges we have always enjoyed:

Full Service ALD Library Card Option

If you are interested in purchasing this Full Service ALD Library Card, you will be able to do so for $100 per year per household. This card will grant you the same borrowing privileges that you currently enjoy. It is for non-ALD taxpayers from Aurora who do not wish to be held to the limits.


The library closest to our home is an Arapahoe Library District library. This library is beautiful, built about 5 years ago. We have enjoyed many story times at this library as well as participation in numerous events sponsored by the library. My children walk or bike there often and are continually borrowing books and movies as well as purchasing books from the donation book store.


I understand that the taxpayers are feeling the crunch, and I appreciate the opportunity to have an option to continue use of the library as we have always known it, but it makes me sad to know that we are in this situation because libraries are closing. Soon they’ll all be gone due to convenience and accessibility.
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  1. jdaniel4smom says:

    I don't know what we would do without our library. We do storytime, use the computers as well as get books and movies.

  2. That is terrible, the library was my favourite place when I was a little girl. I think that due to the recent problems with the economy, here in North America, and abroad, that the arts and anything considered 'unnecessary' are being cut. I just read that in the UK the government has cut all funding to arts and social science programs. Hopefully we will see the end of this trend soon, for who are we are a species without art and culture.
    Thank you so much for voting for my little girl's school, you are amazing!
    xox Theresa
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  3. Lori, that is awful! Libraries are such fun places. My husband and I spent a lot of time at the library when we were first learning this lifestyle. Do you think it has to do with the internet too? More people are using the internet for research, I know I do it myself. Buy used books instead of borrowing them. I used to read magazines a lot, now hardly ever. Things are changing.
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  4. Seriously? I never even thought about that. Our library just expanded so hopefully there is no danger here any time soon. Crazy. What are they doing with our tax dollars anyway? Oh never mind. I see the news. 🙂

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