Snail Mail

Technology and the quickness of communication in the 21st century have made snail mail a dying art, yet the meaning and significance it holds is irreplaceable, especially for younger ones. Do you remember waiting for and then receiving that personal hand-written letter in the mail? There’s something magical about it.

Our school, COVA, started a Pen-Pal Exchange program again this year for students in K-8. My daughter was matched with a pen pal 6 years ago and they wrote each other at least once a month for almost 5 years. Then one day the letters stopped coming. The family moved and we never heard from them again.

My daughter finally accepted that she would no longer receive mail from her pen pal and this year when the Pen Pal Exchange program kicked off, my daughter was very excited to participate.

Last week her pen pal contact info was sent and my daughter immediately sat down to write her new found friend a letter and her pen pal must have done the same, because the day after my daughter sent her letter, her pen pal’s letter arrived.

There’s no doubt that internet correspondence and even texting has reduced the art of letter writing, but there’s something so special, even magical about the arrival of that hand-written letter. Sometimes there’s a little something inside the letter like stickers or a picture of your pen pal and their family and pets. Having a pen pal is a great way to keep the art of snail mail alive.

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  1. I had a pen pal for years growing up! Such a fun thing to do!!
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  2. Handwritten letters have become so special. You know by now my handwriting looks stiff and akward…. II, who wants to learn calligraphy for years…..

  3. I, too, used to love having a pen pal as a kid. Kudos to your daughter for keeping snail mail alive and for connecting with others her age via having a pen pal – it's such a cool hobby!
    My recent post In Moderation- Kids &amp Holiday Lists

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