Tomorrow’s Twitter chat: Douglas County School District Vouchers

The Douglas County School District in Colorado is considering the idea of Vouchers or an Options Certificate Program.

Vouchers, or an Options Certificate Program is like a government issued coupon which would give parents the choice to spend their child’s dollars to attend a non-public school. In other words, the tax money for each child in a school district is given back to the taxpayer to use at the school of their choice. The school that will best meet the needs of their child’s individual learning style and needs.

There are many objections to this controversial conversation of vouchers, one being the fear of students fleeing their failing schools.

But don’t children deserve to attend a better school than a failing school?

Shouldn’t it be all about the children’?

We need to find a way to give parents the ability to put their children in a great school, regardless of the income level of that family. Every child deserves the right to a world class education.

Vouchers or an Options Certificate program may just be one way to achieve this.

Join @Gr8ChoiceDougco for tomorrow’s Twitter chat all about discussing voucher for the Douglas County School District.

Monday, Dec 6 9:30 am MST #DCSDvouchers. Great Choice Douglas County
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