Vitual Education in Georgia

The Georgia Charter Schools Commission Meeting today, Thursday, December 16th at 10 am!
This meeting will decide the future of virtual public schools in Georgia.  
This meeting will also decide the funding level for all virtual schools in Georgia.
Renee Lord is president of  Georgia Families for Public Virtual Education
Please read her letter below encouraging you to attend the meeting and show your support for virtual education in Georgia.
Renee’s Letter:
This is vital to your children’s education. Please join me at Thursday’s Charter Schools Commission meeting. I know we’ve requested you attend these meetings before, but folks, this one is extremely important. We need as many parents there as possible.


Yesterday, we learned that the Georgia Connections Academy petition was recommended for approval. Unfortunately, the petition for Georgia Cyber Academy, the school that currently has students, has been removed from Thursday’s Georgia Charter Schools Commission agenda. So GCA applications for both K through 8 and high school will not be discussed.

The reason? For further study… This is absurd!

I am personally outraged and frankly frightened. We have worked overtime; using our own money to make sure the Commission has every ounce of detailed information about virtual schools. Nationally renowned experts have provided sound data proving $6,500 is a fair and equitable funding amount for our children’s education.

Despite all of the overwhelming evidence and academic achievement, we have no idea what the status of Georgia Cyber Academy is. Over 6,000 kids may not have a school next year. Why is a school with a proven, successful track record being held up? Is the Commission going to close GCA?

These are questions only you as parents must ask. The Commission needs to see and hear your disapproval and understand why this school is so important to your children. Join me at Thursday’s Commission meeting. Our children’s futures depend on it.

Please meet up with us early so we can review and all walk in as a strong group together. The Commission meeting begins at 10:00am in the Board of Education board room in Twin Towers East.


What: GFPVE Meet up prior to the Commission meeting

When: 9:15 AM, Thursday 16, 2010

Where: Meet us in the cafeteria of the Sloppy Floyd building

Georgia State Board of Education Board Room

Twin Towers East

205 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive, SE

Atlanta, GA 30334

Visit our website at for further information. And feel free to email us your comments, concerns and ideas at

Thank you,
Renee Lord
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