Voting for The 2010 Edublog Awards

Sadly, none of my Edublog nominations made the shortlist.  The Edublog website says:
“Unfortunately we can’t list every single nomination in each category — that’s too overwhelming for everyone. 
Instead, our intrepid team of judges combed through hundreds of nominated sites to whittle them down to a manageable number of shortlisted nominations for each category.”
Congratulations to all of the winners who made the shortlisted nominations and best of luck to each of you in the running for the 2010 Edublog Award for your category. 

Take a minute to check out some of these great educational sites and vote on the blog you think is deserving of winning the award.  Click on The Edublog Award Categories…. or scroll down to And every single shortlisted nomination!  to view all of this year’s nominees. 
Ed is Watching, thinktanK¹², and Cheif Goku C Studios are three of my favorite blogs and were my picks for the 2010 Edublog Awards.  Check them out too! 
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