Are You Ready for The Future?

Wordle: Social Networking
Check out some stats from Did You Know?/Shift Happens.

Collectively ABC, NBC, and CBS get 10 MILLION unique visitors every month and collectively they have been around for 200 years.

Collectively, MySpace, You Tube, and Facebook get 250 MILLION unique visitors every month and none of these sites existed 6 years ago.

Average American teen sends 2272 texts each month!

Did You Know 4.0 is an eye-opening video presentation showing things are chaning, and changing so quickly in this digital age. 
Check out this 4-minute video below and check out shifthappens to get involved in the conversation about education and what we can do to ensure that our children are prepared for the 21 Century!

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  1. That was really interesting!!
    My recent post I Am Not Proud

  2. Technology has changed everything! I can't imagine the changes that are coming!

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