Douglas County School District Option Certificates

Last night, in celebration of National School Choice Week, Great Choice Douglas County, a grassroots school choice organization hosted a Twitter Chat about Option Certificates.

Option Certificates or vouchers is when the tax money per pupil in a school district is given back to the taxpayer to use at the school of their choice. In other words, if the per pupil revenue (PPR) in your school district is $6,500 then that money would come back to you as the taxpayer to use at the school you want your child to attend.

In December, The Douglas County School Board voted to research the voucher program for the Douglas County School District (DCSD) and last night’s Twitter Chat focused on how people feel about vouchers and how the voucher program would affect the existing school district and their budget.

The consensus last night was that vouchers would expand parental choice and empower parents to make informed educational choices. There is concern by some as to how vouchers will affect existing schools in the district, but this concern is unfounded because those students in great schools will stay and those students in failing schools will leave. A great comment tweeted was that vouchers will provide even greater incentive for DCSD schools to raise the bar in serving students according to their needs. Encouraging completion among schools whether private or public can only motivate those schools to excel and improve retention. As far as how this will affect Douglas County’s budget, read Arguments for Colorado Local Private School Choice Created November 2010, to see how it won’t have a dramatic effect.

Vouchers should be available to all demographics. All parents should be afforded the opportunity to choose a school that best fits their child’s educational needs and learning style. All parents should have the ability to put their child in a great school, regardless of the income level of that family.

It’s the children we need to be thinking about, yet way too many students get left in failing schools with no choice.

Vouchers mean putting the educational needs of the children first!

Let’s hope that DCSD sets the precedence for others to follow.
Thursday and Friday night Douglas County Twitter Chat starts at 8 PM MST.
Follow @Gr8ChoiceDougco to retrieve the LIVE link to the Twitter Chat-room.
Thursday’s topic: Neighborhood School Empowerment
Friday’s topic: Online Learning
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