National School Choice Week

January 23-29

Hundreds of events are being sponsored all across the nation in celebration of National School Choice Week.
Just a few of these amazing events are: The Cartel, The Lottery, and Waiting for Superman screenings, Charter Day at the Capitol, Education Reform Panel Discussion, National Conference Call on School Choice and the Parent Trigger, an Education Fair, a Twitter Chat, and an Essay Contest.
Please check the National School Choice Events page to find an event in your area and join in the celebration. 
I am proud to share that The Colorado Coalition of Cyberschool Families is sponsoring an essay contest for Colorado cyber school students in celebration of National School Choice Week.  Colorado cyber school students in grades K-12 can register here and get all the details for the contest by clicking on the ‘Contest’ tab on the Colorado Coalition of Cyberschool Families Facebook page.
$150 Visa® gift card

Become the official 2011 spokes family for the Colorado Coalition of Cyberschool Families, be featured on the CCCF website and in a 2011 publication

Special recognition at the 2011 7th Annual Cyberschools’ Day at the Capitol on 2.24.11 in Denver

RUNNER-UP PRIZE$100 Visa® gift card

Featured spot on the CCCF website

Special recognition at 2011 7th Annual Cyberschools’ Day at the Capitol on 2.24.11 in Denver

Join National School Choice Week and help build support for School Choice:Facebook
School Choice Week’s Photostream

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  1. Patti (PJ) says:

    Hey Lori! I'm heeeeeeere! LOL! I admire you for what you do. I have been watching the "downward spiral" of our education system for a long time. My nephew ( who is 45 now) was "pushed through school". They "allowed him to graduate even though he could only read at about a third grade level! So, the lousy education system is nothing new. We as a nation should figure out a way (get someone in the hierarchy of government) who cares what shape this system is in and do something about it. It angers me when people act all "high and mighty" while they are campaigning, then get in and do nothing. I understand that there can be pitfalls and stumbling blocks, but there has to be a way to fix this. Our government is spending too much time worrying about "playing nice" with other countries and NO TIME worrying about how to remedy our own problems right here in there own yard. Then they have to figure out a way to "help" or aid people because they don't have the education to handle jobs that would pay enough to support their families. Hey Gal! I don't know how this got me so wound up, I don't even have kids! LOL! Can you imagine what I would be like it I did" LOL! Well, you were talking about comments. This comment probably makes up for about 10 in length! God Bless! Education is a touchy subject for me because I used to volunteer teaching literacy and ESL for adults. You would be amazed at the number of adults that have this problem. Have a great day!


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