Our Friend, Martin

I’d like to share with you one of the best magical adventures which brings alive the history of Martin Luther King Jr, including authentic historical footage.  My version of the video Our Friend, Martin, pictured above is copyrighted 1998 which features an all-star voice cast.
“It’s a fun way for your family to share Dr. King’s inspiring message of hope and courage that changed the course of our nation’s history.”
I introduced this movie to my oldest son when he was in kindergarten and I shared the movie with my son’s kindergarten teacher who thought it was very appropriate to share with her kindergarten class. 
This movie can be purchased through amazon.com.  It’s an educational and entertaining  60-minute full-length animated video.  Enjoy Our Friend, Martin and the short trailer below. 
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  1. yes, I think this is a great video! Our library has this, and we usually check it out around Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday- it was very informative without being too much for young sensitive souls.

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