Semester 2

Do you ever get excited for yourself because your child is taking a really cool course in school?
I do all the time.
This coming semester it’s AP Psychology that I’m just thrilled with anticipation to dive into. My oldest is taking this class and since he schools at home online, I have the opportunity to learn right alongside him, or at my own pace.


Our online public school provides the online course and the materials, if any, as well as a licensed teacher who teaches the course in real time with groups of students via a live online session.  I can attend the session live with my son or listen to the recording.
Check out ‘A little about the course’

This course is the equivalent of an introductory college level course. Students receive an overview of current psychological research methods and theories. They explore the therapies used by professional counselors and clinical psychologists, and examine the reasons for normal human reactions: how people learn and think, the process of human development and human aggression, altruism, intimacy, and self-reflection. They study core psychological concepts, such as the brain and sense functions, and learn to gauge human reactions, gather information, and form meaningful syntheses. Students prepare for the AP® Exam and for further studies in psychology and life sciences.
Everything about this course screams, “It’s going to be a great semester!”

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  1. This really does sounds like fun.
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  2. If I homeschooled, I would be eating it up right along with my kids. I love learning!

  3. That sounds like an awesome way to learn. I had so much trouble in school myself because I was very shy and the other kids made me nervous and not able to concentrate on what I was supposed to be learning. Way to go Mom! Learning with your kids make them like it even more, so you can discuss it together.
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  4. Our kids, well one of them Cain was really ready to start after the break. Tracy says he asked every day. And she says it was not hard to get them back into the flow. How is it going for you guys?
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  5. That sounds like a really interesting class. I loved the psychology class I took in college. So neat seeing what makes people tick! Have fun!

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