Our Cyberschool Story Contest

Last month the Colorado Coalition of Cyberschool Families kicked off an essay contest in celebration of National School Choice Week.  We received 13 entries along with some great pictures, collages, and drawings.  From those entries, ten finalists will be selected, voting on facebook will begin tomorrow, and two winners will be announced on February 24th. 

Check out the entries.
Each student has unique and individual reasons for why cyberschools work for them. 
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  1. That is so cool! What will their prize be? When I was a Junior in High School, I won an essay contest. We had to write an essay of the advantages and disadvantages of cultural exchange students. There were 2 winners (nationally). A boy and I won an All Expense paid trip to Nanaimo, Canada for a week! We had a blast. I stayed with the family of the girl who won and the boy stayed with the boy who won. We went to school with them and everything. It was really an wonderful eye-opening experience.

    God Bless,

  2. They all sound so smart! I wish I could have gone to cyberschool when I was young. Like the one person wrote how the teacher was focused on the student instead of a whole classroom full of kids. I KNOW I would have done so much better that way.
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  3. Lori, I just checked some of the entries. These kids are pretty smart and the essays are great. Homeschooling isnt allowed in Germany. For me it is the first time I hear of this method.

  4. Thanks for checking out the essays, Paula.  I agree, the essays really are awesome!


  5. Wow, a trip to Canada! That is really cool. The grand prize for this contest is a $150 visa card and 2nd place is a $100 visa card. Thanks for stopping by PJ.
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  6. Lori, this is so neat. I thought, 'I'll just go and read a few,' but now I'm sitting and reading all of them! And you can bet I'll vote on my favorite 🙂
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