The Redhead Riter…Witty, Intelligent and Addictive

I’ve been following The Redhead Riter’s blog for some time now and I have found that she writes just like what she proclaims to be, witty, intelligent, and addictive.

Here’s just a snippet about Red:

“I call myself “The Redhead Riter” which is “Writer” purposely misspelled. I wanted the alliteration of the “R’s” thus the “Writer” is spelled “Rong”…Yes, I know the proper spelling for “Wrong” too. Not only am I a redhead which should be quite apparent, but I’m also a WAWS (Woman Aging With Style) who is excited to share her experience and journey through this process we call living.”

The Redhead Riter discusses many diverse topics on her blog from family, marriage, and cooking to art and very helpful blogging tips.

I’ve been wanting to give my blog a makeover for some time now, and I was able to do it using much of what The Redhead Riter has posted on her blog as a reference and a guide. She offers step-by-step pictorial directions on how to personalize your blog.

HTML Horizontal Rules-Dividers is a great post that will teach you how to create dividers for your blog and if you’d rather have a .gif image as a divider instead, she provides several sites that offer both animated and non-animated designs which include HTML codes.

How To Make a Blogger Drop Down Menu-Navigation Bar is a great post, one that I will need to come back to when I find a few hours alone without any interruptions. There are even services offered for bloggers who really want to install a drop down menu but may not have the tech savvy to do it or perhaps the time, and prices are extremely reasonable starting at $7 and up to $25.

There are many more posts like how to create a Copyright On A Photo and how to get a copyright on your blog that looks like this © 2009-2011 The Redhead Riter – All Rights Reserved, visit this post Copyright Is Important For Bloggers to learn how.

Ever wonder how to customize a signature for your blog posts? She’s got that covered too, just check out How To Add A Signature To A Blog Post.

Helping bloggers improve their blogging abilities is just a part of what she offers on her blog. There’s lots of great stuff under ‘Self-Development’ with 16 different topics to visit. There are always lots of fun giveaways to enter as well as memes to participate in and The Redhead Riter has a special place where she kindly highlights her favorite fellow bloggers.

The Redhead Riter has also created a community on Blog Frog which presently has close to 7000 members who actively engage in conversation and discussion about the latest happenings.
Thanks Red, for creating such a fun, informative, and warm blog that has something of interest for everyone.
There’s lots of ways you can get connected with The Redhead Riter:
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  1. Great post Lori! The Redhead Riter has helped us all in some way or other. I know though that my blog has improved so much since I found her. Your blog looks great!

  2. great info, I know who the Redhead Riter is, but I didn't know about her post, thanks for sharing!

    your blog is looking great, nice job!

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