Everything You’ll Need To Know…2011-12 Enrollment In An Online School

Since I started blogging in January 2010, I’ve shared a lot about different public school options, in particular, the online public school model. I’ve received lots of questions over the past year wanting to learn more about how we school online, why we chose this model, and how it compares to the traditional public brick and mortar school.

I’ve written about:

The Virtual World of Education which talks about what an online model looks like.

Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA) where I share how we got started in COVA, our online public school.

Online Schools…A Growing Trend which is a great resource to better understand the many benefits of online education.

A Parent’s Role in the Virtual World of Education explains the involvement and commitment of a Parent and Learning Coach.

Schooling At Home…Burnout and how to avoid it!

Now is the perfect time to check out the public school options available for your children.
Now is the perfect time to get your questions answered about the online public school option.
Now is the perfect time to check out the K¹² Seminars and the perfect time to check out if the K12 option is available in your state
Register here and get an overview of the K12 online program and get your questions answered from the comfort of your home.
And check out some lessons from the award winning K12 core knowledge curriculum here

Also check out K12’s Constitution lessons for K-12 here
Choice is a great thing to have when searching for just the right fit for your child’s educational needs. 
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  1. Lula Lola says:

    You are a great source of information lady! Your kids are lucky that you're so passionate about their education!

  2. Lori ~ you are providing a wonderful service and write so well ~ thanks for commenting on my blog also ^_^
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