Hasbro’s Scrabble Flash

Hasbro’s Scrabble Flash is a fast paced, wild, and addictive word play game that was released in the fall of 2010.

3 Ways to Play:

1-“Flash” is a 1-player game where the player tries to find as many 3-5 letter words as possible in 75-seconds using the letter shown on the tiles. You get an extra 5 seconds when you form a 5-letter word. Each word formed earns you 1 point and the scoring is done for you. When time runs out the tiles will display your score.

2-“Five Letter Flash” is also a 1-player game in which players rush to find the one five-letter word that uses the letters shown on the tiles. Once you’ve unscrambled the first word, another 5-letter word will be displayed for you to unscramble and the object is to spell as many 5-letter words as possible in 75 seconds.

3- “Pass Flash” has players hurrying to find the one 5-letter word that uses the letters shown on the tiles. If you’re quick enough, the tiles will show “Next” and you pass the tiles to the next player who hits a button and gets 5 new letters to unscramble. Don’t hesitate here because if you do the tiles will say “Out” and that means you’re OUT!

Includes: 5 SmartLink cubes, 5 batteries, a lightweight storage box, and an instruction booklet

Approximate Retail: $29.99

Recommended Ages: 8 and up

Players: 1 or more

Scrabble Flash uses SmartLink Technology that allows the tiles to keep time and score. This is a very addicting game whether you’re playing solitaire or with other players. It’s portable with a small 2” by 4” storage box, so it’s also a great on the go game too. The age recommendation is 8 and up, but this is truly a game that requires “Parent knows best” to decide if this is a game your young one would enjoy. If your child is already making 4-letter words then they’re ready for some Scrabble Flash fun.

I give Scrabble Flash 5 STARS!

It’s addicting, puts your skills to the test, and challenges you to make words out of what the tiles dish up!

Disclosure:  Thanks to Hasbro for a review copy of Scrabble Flash in exchange for my honest review.
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  1. That is certainly a much different Scrabble than the one I used to play! I don't know if I could think or react that fast.

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